Limited Oral Surgery

Tooth Removal Procedures

If a tooth has been broken or damaged by decay, we may be able to repair it with a filling, crown, or other dental treatment. However, when there’s too much damage for the tooth to be repaired, the tooth may need to be extracted from its socket. This is something we offer in our office for most cases. However, for more complicated extractions, we may refer you to an oral surgeon.

Socket Graph - Flagstaff Dental ArtsSocket Graph

The extraction of a tooth leaves in its wake a hole that is surrounded by a shell of alveolar bone (tooth supporting bone).

This bones’ only purpose in the human body is to support a tooth. As a result, when the tooth is lost, the body quickly begins to resorb the bone unless immediately replaced with an implant or in this case a “ridge preservation graft” or socket graft. The ridge graph is designed to fill the void left by the extracted tooth and hold the volume of this space while the natural bone has the opportunity to proliferate and fill the space with high quality live bone. Depending on the size of the tooth that was extracted, the ridge graft requires three to six months to heal.

Dental Implants

Your confidence about your teeth affects how you feel about yourself, both personally and professionally. Perhaps you hide your smile because of spaces from missing teeth. Maybe your dentures don’t feel secure. Perhaps, you have difficulty chewing. If you are missing one or more teeth and you would like to smile, speak, and eat again with comfort and confidence, there is good news! Dental implants are teeth that can look and feel just like your own.

Dental implants can be the best solution to the problem of missing teeth. A dental implant, a titanium post, is an artificial tooth root and the foundation for a replacement tooth or bridge. Dental implants integrate into the structure of your bone which will prevent the loss of bone and gum recessions that often accompanies bridgework and dentures. Implants are natural looking and feeling. Your confidence in smiling and eating will be restored. You will speak and eat with confidence while no longer being concerned with the discomfort of dentures and bridges.

Dental implants can be used as a single tooth replacement, multiple tooth replacement, or if you are missing all your teeth, an implant supported bridge or full denture can replace them.