New Patients


Welcome New Patients to Flagstaff Dental Arts

Here at Flagstaff Dental Arts we pride ourselves on the best possible new patient experience. We know choosing a new dental provider can be a challenge and we strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible in an environment where you feel right at home. We have an excellent team of health care professionals and new technology to optimize your dental experience.

A look inside our office:

1. Flagstaff Dental Arts Office Entrance

5. Flagstaff Dental Arts Reception Area

2. Flagstaff Dentists

6. Flagstaff Dental Arts - treatment room 1

3. Flagstaff Dental Arts - Reception 3

7. Flagstaff Dental Arts - treatment room 2

4. Flagstaff Dental Arts Reception 2

8. treatment room 4

Your first visit at Flagstaff Dental Arts will be a comprehensive exam with the doctor of your choice. This will be an in-depth meeting with your doctor. We feel it is an important first step and we want to invest our time in getting to know you and your oral health needs. Your doctor will give you the education you need to make informed decisions about your future dental treatment. Our goal is to partner with you so you can achieve a lifetime of healthy smiles.

To help your first visit go seamlessly, we ask that you complete your New Patient Forms and submit them shortly after scheduling your appointment. You can click the link below or contact us to send the link to your email or phone. It is important to the success of your first visit to do this as soon as possible.

NEW PATIENT FORMS: http://mform.us/WEtqN1UkMzAwNw==